Programming Projects

Links to detailed specifications for each programming project are provided below. Each specification also links to a grading sheet for that project, a sample executable, and where appropriate, sample data.

Project 1: Simple Tip Calculator
Project 7: Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits
Project 2: Captain Jack
Project 8: Dice
Project 3: Good Guys Delivery
Project 9: Bowling Team I
Project 4: Triangle Calculator
Project 10: Bowling Team II
Project 5: Sales Invoice Program
Project 11: Testing Power Ratings
Project 6: Red Fern Electronics
Project 12: Fluffshuffle Payroll

Submission Guidelines

1. Put your entire project folder into a zip file.
2. Each source code file must have a file prologue.
4. Zip file must be named, where n is the project number and yyy are your initials.
5. Upload the zipped file to Canvas
6. Source code and an executable must be turned in on time to receive full credit.
7. Programs must meet all of the specifications and produce the correct answers to receive any early bonus points.
8. Your program must execute on computers in the CS labs.


Style guidelines can found here.

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