CS 1400 Fundamentals of Programming

Programming Project 1: Simple Tip Calculator


The objective of this project is to test your ability to create a small Graphical User Interface (GUI) program that does some simple arithmetic. In this project you will create a program that will help you calculate the tip on your next meal.

The Interface

You should design your own interface. However, it must provide the functionality described here and it should be easy and intuitive to use.

Here is an example of what your interface could look like:

the form

You can get a working example of this program here.

File(s) to Submit:

Before you submit your program test it with several different meal values to make sure that it works correctly. Be sure that your program conforms to the style guidelines and that it is properly documented. Then place your complete project folder into a zip file and name the zip file
proj_01_your-initials_V1.0.zip. For example, I would name my file proj_01_RKD_V1.0.zip. Submit this assignment as Project #1 on Canvas.

Grading Criteria

Description Points possible Your points

Your User Interface has an exit and an about menu item. Your interface is intuitive and easy to use.


Your program has a TextBox where the user enters the cost of a meal. When the user enters a value and tabs out of this TextBox, your program correctly calculates and displays the three possible tip amounts (10%, 15%, and 20%).


Your program conforms to the style guide.

Total 20  

Early Bonus (3 points) or Late Penalty (20% per day)