CNS 1400 Fundamentals of Programming

Programming Project 3: Good Guy's Delivery Service


At the completion of this project, you will have created an application that

Project Description:

GoodGuy's Delivery service operates a fleet of delivery vehicles that operate between Provo and Salt Lake City. With the I-15 construction work scheduled for Utah County, GoodGuys wants you to create a program for them that will compute the new arrival times for deliveries. Once the work on the interstate begins, GoodGuys estimates that their delivery times will take, on average, 25% longer than they do now. They would like a program that accepts as input a starting time and ending time for a journey, based on the old timetable. The program will then calculate the new ending time for the journey and print out the results. Your program need not worry about going across day boundaries. Times are represented in a 24 hour clock, or military time, such as 0955 (9:55am) or 1330 ( 1:30pm). Be careful, you cannot simply subtract one 24 hour clock time from another and get the correct answer. You have to convert everything into minutes first!

Your program should do the following:

  1. Prompt the user to enter in a starting time in 24 hour format
  2. Get the user input as a single integer
  3. Prompt the user to enter in an ending time in 24 hour format
  4. Get the user input as a single integer
  5. Calculate the new ending time
  6. Display the new ending time in 24 hour format (hhmm)

The Interface

You should design your own interface, but it should provide the following: