Course Syllabus


Evaluation of your achievement of the course objectives will be based on the following, subject to change during the semester
Programming Projects (12)             255
Labs (27)                             153
Exams (3)                             300
  TOTAL                               708 points

Grades will be assigned based on the following scale-
Note: If your score on the final exam is less than 60% the highest grade you can receive in this course is a C-, no matter what your total points are for the semester.
  96% and above   A
  93%-95%         A-
  88%-92%         B+
  84%-87%         B
  80%-83%         B-
  75%-79%         C+
  70%-74%         C
  65%-69%         C-
  60%-64%         D+
  56%-59%         D
  51%-55%         D-
  50% and below   E

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