Course Syllabus


If you cheat your way through this course, you are only cheating yourself. It will catch up with you in a subsequent course. I assume you are here to learn. You only learn to program by writing programs yourself!

I strongly encourage you to find a friend, or better yet, a group of friends to study with for this course. It often helps to have someone else explain an idea, or explore a different solution to a problem. However, I expect that all work that you hand in will be your own. If I find that you have copied all or part of someone elses code, I will give you and the person you copied from a zero on that particular assignment.

All programs must contain the following declaration as comments in the file prologue.

"I declare that the following source code was written solely by me. I understand that copying any source code, in whole or in part, constitutes cheating, and that I will receive a zero on this project if I am found in violation of this policy."

If you have questions, don't understand a concept, or are having problems undertstanding why a program you are working on does not work, come by and talk to me. I strive to keep long office hours, so that I can help students.

There are also tutors that are available to help you. Note that they will not write your program for you, but will help you understand how to approach solving a programming problem. Tutors hours are posted in the labs on the 6th floor of the CS building.

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