Course Syllabus

Computer Labs

Unless you are taking this course on the Internet, you have paid a small lab fee which covers a small portion of the costs of running the computer lab. Within 48 hours of registering for the lab, your CS lab account should be set up. The account is based on information supplied by the UVU registration system. Your user name is your UVU ID. Your default password is your birthdate in MMDDYY format.

Student Name:  Ima Programmer 
Birthdate:     2/28/1980 

Login Name:    10001234 
Password:      022880 

Computers are scattered around the CS building that are loaded with the software for this course. The web site for the computer labs is located at The lab is not responsible for network hard disk failure, so you will want to store backups of your assignments on removable media such as a usb drive. 

To do the assignments for this course, you will need to download and install Microsoft's Visual Studio 2015, Community Edition. Instructions for installing this are provided in the first lab.  


Tutors for this course are located in CS612.

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