Course Syllabus


Programming projects and labs are provided to integrate and reinforce concepts covered in this course. You should plan on spending anywhere from 3 to 5 hours per assignment. It's usually best to complete each project shortly after finishing the lesson. Once completed, submit your project documentation, executable file and source code using Canvas.

Assignments are due no later than 11:59pm on the date specified in the class calendar. Late projects will penalized 20% of the possible points for each day that they are late. Labs cannot be turned in late. Date and time of submission are based on the timestamp applied to your project when it is received by the Canvas server.

Each program you submit will be run to see if meets the project specifications. A substantial part of your grade will depend on whether your code executes according to the project specification. A checklist is provided for each assignment to help you make sure that your program meets the specification.

The other part of each project's grade is based on coding style, simplicity and conformance to the style guidelines provided here

Before submitting your project, zip your complete project file into a single zip archive. Name the file with your initials and assignment number. For example, if I were submitting programming project 1, I would create a zip file named

Once you have zipped together your project files, upload your files using Canvas. Make sure you send all the files asked for in the specification.

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