Course Syllabus


Two midterm exams will be given in the UVU Orem campus testing center on the days indicated in the course calendar. Because the exams will be available in the testing center for several days, NO MAKE-UP EXAMS WILL BE GIVEN except in the case of unexpected circumstances beyond your control, e.g. a death in the family. Accomodations can be made for testing on alternative dates if you let me know well ahead of the exam dates. Keep in mind the latest you may take an exam in the testing center is 45 minutes before closing. Be sure that you check on the testing center's hours before you come to the testing center.

The Final Exam will be administered in class on the day indicated in the University's final exam schedule. If you are in an on-line section, the final will be given in the classroom testing center.

Please note that you must get at least 60% on the final exam to get a C or better in this course.

Information on the Testing Center can be found here.

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