Course Syllabus

Internet Students

When you take this course on the Internet, there are several things that you should understand.

  1. If at all possible, I recommend that you take this course in the classroom. Generally speaking, students who take this course in the classroom have a higher success rate than those who take the course on-line.
  2. I assume that you have a working knowledge of computers, and that you can install and configure software. You should have had some introduction to programming before you take this class. It is not an introductory course. The Introductory course in computer programming is CNS 1030.
  3. As an Internet student, you do not have access to the discussions and group activities that go on in the classroom. Much of the learning that takes place in this class takes place in these activities. You are encouraged to make use of all of the on-line facilities, including the course forums to communicate with others in the course and to build your own on-line community.
  4. This is not a self paced course. Although you can work ahead, assignments are not graded until after the designated due date. Exams must be taken during the time periods specified.
  5. Exams are all given in the Classroom Testing Center on campus. If you live where it is impossible to come to the campus to take your exams, you must make arrangements for an exam proctor through the Distance Education Office.
  6. As a student enrolled in a CS Internet course you do not have access to computers in the CS labs. If you would like to have access to the computer labs, you will need to pay a $38.00 lab fee. Lab Access forms can be picked up in CS 720.
  7. To be successful in this course you must rigorously follow the course schedule as outlined under the Schedule tab on these web pages. It is vitally important that you keep up with the reading, the labs, and the programming assignments. If you fall behind, you greatly increase your risk of failing the class. You should plan on spending a minimum of six hours a week doing the assigned reading, labs, and programming projects for this class. If you do not have this kind of time to spend, I strongly recommend that you withdraw from the class and take it when you can spend the time necessary to be successful.
  8. If you have a question, or trouble understanding some concept, ask me for help. I check my e-mail many times during the day. You are welcome to visit my office during my published office hours, or call me on my office phone.