Forum Registration

To maintain a secure forum, each account on the forum is activated manually. Therefore please note that you will not receive an email as part of your account activation! When you register, you must provide a registration code. This code is UVU-CS. Pick any username and password that you would like, and write them down someplace in case you forget them. Also, you will be asked to provide your course and section number.

Account Activation

If you have followed the registration instructions your account should be activated immediately. Log on and try to post a message. If you can't post, email with the subject line "forums".

Completing your Profile

Once you register and can log in, you should immediately complete your user profile. Near the top left corner of the forum window you will see a link marked "User Control Panel". Click on this link to complete your user profile.

user control panel

Important:If you want to be eligible to receive the bonus points awarded for using the forum, you must use your name as your user ID. For example, if your name is John Doe, your user ID should be JohnDoe.

Forum Rules

I have read and agree to these rules.